Music Industry Services




Not tech savvy? Hate social media but understand its importance? Don’t have the time? I can take over your social media channels to write and schedule engaging content, with the intention of either increasing your reach, improving your relationship with current followers, or just to develop your presence:

If you are considering outsourcing some or all of your social media management, I can do the following:

  • Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram management

  • Content Creation

  • Scheduling and Posting

  • Curation and General Maintenance

  • Produce Regular Analytics Reports

    If you don’t want full social media management but are looking for some guidance, I can:

  • Create a full social media plan including content guidelines and schedule proposal

  • Review your current social media and suggest changes for optimisation

    Services will be priced on an individual basis. I understand that everyone has different requirements and budget, and I’m happy to have a provisional chat with you to impart some advice and discuss what you need.

    Please get in touch for more information, or just to introduce yourself!


I am involved with the following social media channels. When listed as an admin, I create content, curate, schedule posts and maintain the account. As a contributor, I post when requested, and most of the content is created by others, but I curate and maintain the account.

Admin: Hydra Lerna - Electro/Pop Musician Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Admin: Pizza Club Promotions - Norwich-based Promoter Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Admin: Viva La Visa - Visa Specialists for the Music Industry Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Contributor: The Mekons 77 - 70’s Punk Band Facebook | Twitter

Contributor: Primadonna - Music Festival Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

I use both Hootsuite and Buffer scheduling software for different businesses, and often schedule a week in advance, with regular checks for relevant news/updates in between. My choice of scheduled posting times/days are based upon the unique analytics of each profile.