Putting on an event? Coordinating a festival stage? Planning an all-day mini-festival? I can help you find and book artists for your event.

  • Event/Stage Programming and Booking

  • Scheduling

  • Scouting/Research

  • Consultancy and Act Recommendations

  • Administration/Advancing

  • Artist Applications ‘Apply To Play’ management and coordination

    I have most experience within music events, but would be interested in trying something new. I have multiple contacts from other creative areas, and would be able to assist in just about anything in some way.

I have a good network of sound engineers and crew, I can help you assemble a team to help bring your event together.

Services will be priced on an individual basis. I understand that every event has different requirements, budget and timescales, and I can provide a bespoke service fitted to what you need. Please get in touch for more information; I would be happy to chat through your options.


I programmed and scheduled 3 festival stages and 1 activity tent over 2 and a half days for the one-off successful Suffolk festival ‘Mekonville’. I booked a portion of the bill myself, and headed up all artist administration and advances, and coordinated technical requirements. I also managed artist liaison throughout the event.

I frequently advise Norwich promoters, venues and event organisers on the best/most appropriate artists for their events. Countless artists have been offered shows based upon my recommendations. I am very much in the loop with the East Anglian music scene, and keep a keen eye/ear out for fresh talent. I have a good network of industry professionals both within the music scene, or integrated in other creative arts scenes and will happily introduce you to these connections.