I enjoy running workshops, and can plan a talk/interactive session for any audience about a variety of topics including (but not limited to):

  • Music Production + Mixing/Mastering

  • Music Performance

  • Songwriting

  • Music Theory + Composition

  • Artist Development

  • Music Marketing and Promotion

  • Social Media for Musicians

    I am passionate about sharing knowledge, experience and opportunities to the next generation of the music industry. A lot of my early experiences with industry professionals has helped to shape my career, and I’d like to play that part in another’s journey.

    Sessions will be priced on an individual basis, but of course I understand the financial pressures currently on creative arts education. I’d be more than happy to work around your budget. Please get in touch for more information; I would be happy to chat through your options.


I am fortunate enough to have been given platforms on which to help, support and give advice to others. This has led me to sit on a panel, be a guest speaker and run workshops for young people. Here are a few of the things I’ve been involved with:


Future of Norwich Music Forum

I was invited by the Future Of Norwich Music Forum to speak on the ‘Publicity’ panel they formed as part of their community meeting. The forum was put together as a means to incite improvement and change on the Norwich music scene, in the wake of the closure of several music venues in the city. Due to my experience in marketing and promotion and as an independent artist, I was invited on the panel alongside journalists to discuss the topic and take questions. READ ARTICLE.


Sonic Youths “SALON”

After being involved in the Sonic Youths initiative as an artist as a teenager, I have been invited back several times to present at a workshop, or as a guest speaker. I hosted a recording workshop with Red Dear in connection with my previous recording business ‘Pink Sunrise’, and a mixing workshop for what I had recorded in the previous session. I have also returned on a couple of occasions as my stage name Hydra Lerna to talk about my journey, and give advice on co-writing. READ MORE SONIC YOUTHS.




Me Time, a project set up by EP Youth LTD, seeks to empower young women through creative and craft workshops. I ran 2 songwriting workshops for a group of girls of high-school age here, and by the end of the sessions we had collectively written a song. I will always remember one particular girl, although very quiet and shy, was so enthusiastic about music and the task gave her the confidence to stand up and sing the completed song in front of the whole group. EP YOUTH WEBSITE.

Future Female Society

I had the pleasure of running a recording workshop with the girls at the Girls Where You At project in Ipswich, as part of the Future Female Society. I brought along a portable version of my home recording studio, and with the girls, all aged between 13 and 16, recording a special cover of a song of their choice.

TESTIMONIAL: “Abigail held a really great session with the girls on my Girls Where You AT, project. She was calm and confident with them, setting up her studio with the minimum of fuss and working with the girls to record instruments and vocals from scratch. None of them have any experience and she talked them through the process and made it interesting and fun. They loved it, and loved her and we all found the session thoroughly enjoyable.” FFS WEBSITE.